Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tamed Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Tamed, Torn Series #5, will release on November 4th, 2014. This book focuses on Adam and Amber. Adam is the guitarist with a wild streak in the Torn Series band, Breaking The Hunger. Amber is the best friend of the main character of Torn, Chloe. Both of these characters have a wild streak, something you're aware of if you've read the other Torn Series books.
Tamed can be read as a standalone.
I hope you like your rockers a whole lot dirty, because with Adam, that's what you'll get.
Mistakes—my life has been full of them. Time and time again, I’ve tried to change, tried to make the right choices, but it doesn’t matter. I always screw up.

I hoped that Adam would be different, that he wouldn’t be a mistake. Our relationship was supposed to be about sex and nothing more.

Fun, easy, simple—that was what we wanted.

But things are never simple, not for me.

Adam changed me. He made me the person I am today. I hate who I am and what I’ve become. I'm not proud of the things I've done.

I thought my greatest mistake would be falling in love with him.

I was wrong.

My greatest mistake is much, much worse.

I’ve lost control.

I have a secret I can’t hide.

It’s going to destroy everything.

My name is Amber, and this is my story.
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Cover model: Shawn Dawson
Photographer: FuriousFotog
Cover and teaser design: RBA Designs


About the author:
K.A. Robinson is twenty-four years old and lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Torn Series, The Ties Series, Breaking Alexandria, Taming Alec, and Deception. When she’s not writing, she loves to read books that usually have zombies in them. She is addicted to rock music and coffee, mainly Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Profile *REVIEW* & Giveaway

PROFILE (Social Media #5)

By @JAHuss
Publication Date: October 22, 2014
Novella (100ish pages)
Adult Contemporary Romance

All the best fairytale princesses have the most horrific pasts. Mine just happens to be more horrific than most.

Fantasizing over Vaughn Asher was a dream. Meeting Vaughn Asher was a fairytale. Loving Vaughn Asher was my downfall.

The past is always there. Waiting. Waiting to expose you. Waiting to ruin you. Waiting to take you back.

Sometimes not even a prince can save you. 


Well...JA did it again...and she did it phenomenally!  She topped Status with Profile.  I didn't think it was possible but I should really know better by now.  This series delivers surprise after surprise.  It pulled a wide range of emotions from me but the one that completely blew me was the heartache...I can't believe I friggin' cried.  Totally not expecting that one...I may have even called JA a dirty bird for doing it to me.  Sly, sneaky...she has been one step ahead of the readers in the whole plot line.  Bloody brilliant work!

So, in Profile we are at the point of Grace's abduction.  Once they realize she is missing, it is a race to putting pieces of the puzzle together in order to find her.  The true extent of Vaughn's love shines through.  If you didn't fall hard for him before...hold on to your knickers ladies.  There isn't anything he wouldn't do to get her back, any resource would not go unused.  His fame, money or possessions mean nothing without Grace by his side to share them.

As the fog clears Grace's consciousness and she realizes her worst nightmare has finally come to claim her again, she knows she has to fight in order to make it out alive.  It's him or her.  To dance with the devil, you have to play his game.  But it is a fine rope between survival and falling into the darkness waiting for her.

Phew...be ready for this one...it is a mind bender f**ker-uper!  That's the only way to explain it.  Completely addictive.  I didn't put this one down until I was through.  5++++ STARS

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ruin by CD Reiss - REVIEW

Ruin...I am more in love with Capo than before. That man can ruin me any time he wants. Holy f**k balls! Raw, dirty and surprisingly touching in a murderous way. I was so on edge with this one. The plot will grip you in its claws up to the very end. Who will live, who will die...it was torture!  

Theresa and Antonio are in the fight of their lives...Antonio wants to make a break from the business but it doesn't come without risk. He doesn't know of any other way to protect Theresa...who doesn't want his protection and doesn't realize the gravity of their situation until the bullets are zinging past her. She has been the prim and proper lady for so long, this new sensual side of her that craves the animal in the Capo makes her resent him. But she can't deny her feelings for him are real or genuine any more than his. They are caught in each other's trap.

“I’m already going to hell. Grazie.” I pushed him away, and he grabbed my jaw, holding me still while he put his nose next to mine and spoke into my mouth. “You’re a loaded gun. Do you see that? You’re from a different world, but you smell like home to me. I haven’t been to Napoli in ten years, but whenever you’re near me, I smell olive flowers. My heart gets sick with thirst, but the water is poison.”


“I’m drowning, Contessa.”

CD throws a few curves into the story, forcing Antonio and Theresa to make a desperate last ditch choice to live the rest of their days together...but more walls are put in their path...death doesn't come easy.

Ruin was a fast paced, hot read. A definite hit on my list!