Friday, October 18, 2013

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What can I say about Anita Blake....she ROCKS! This is a thrilling series. It starts out innocent enough but as the books progress, the heat it! Keep up if you can ladies. It's one wild ride!

The world that Anita Blake lives in, is a lot like our own. The one major difference is that vampires, lycanthropes, and other creatures that go bump in the night are real. Not only are they real, but they are legal. The city of St. Louis has a thriving vampire district. Anita Blake, the main protagonist of this great series of books, is an animator and part-time vampire slayer. She is quite good at both of her jobs and has earned the nickname the "Executioner" for the amount of vampire kills she has to her credit. She is also a consultant for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team or RPIT. Anita's main job is working for Animators Inc, and using her birth given ability to raise the dead. Anita is small in stature, but makes up for it by being uncommonly standoffish and in your face. She is not afraid to use the Browning High Power that she keeps with her at all times. Anita is a strong female character who anchors this series and is a great narrator.
This first book packs a punch and leaves a mark.  Someone is killing vampires and the 1000 year old Queen, Nikolaos, wants Anita to figure out who it is, whether she is willing or not.  What is supposed to be a night out at Guilty Pleasures for a bachelorette party soon becomes an unrelenting nightmare.  Jean-Claude wants Anita to help save the vampires, with a few ulterior motives, but who will save Anita from Jean-Claude.

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