Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Panic (Rook & Ronin 3) - J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Panic...big, fat, ugly tears are streaming down my face as I write this ARC review. That has got to be the hardest Epilogue I have ever read! Not giving anything away, you'll have to find out for yourself...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this series, how wonderful Julie is and how I have enjoyed the whole Rook & Ronin Team experience with the rest of the ladies. This is a one-of-a-kind story and I am so glad I took the chance and bought Tragic (book 1) when it was released. By Manic (book 2), I was so enthralled with these characters, they felt real. The plot and personalities were so easy to empathize and connect with. There aren't enough stars in the sky for me to rate how much I adore these books as a whole!

Panic is about Rook trying to find who she is in this world. After the horrors of her past with Jon are laid to rest, the guys encourage her to pursue her dreams, especially Ford who has taken an odd personal interest in her happiness.

"Just so we're clear, I'm oddly drawn to what you do with your life. I'm sorry but you are stuck with me." Ronin throws his hands in the air, "I give up! I can't predict him, I can't control him and I can't compete with him. He's your weirdo friend now, Rook."

Ronin is working the Gidget deal with Clare while Rook is off with the boys doing the Shrike Show and school. Rook learns of Ford's true nature and to say the least, I was a bit shocked myself! Ford has his own suspicions of Rook's past but true to her namesake, they hesitate bringing it up in fear that she may fly away. Things get very complicated when an old case comes to light which digs up so much more than anyone bargained for and Rook must step out of the shadows to save her "Fiona" from the fire-breathing dragon. Old scars are opened to bleed and heal once more. It's Ronin's love that gives her the strength to set things right and finally make peace with the ghosts in her past.

"Don't panic, Gidget. Be still and stay calm. We'll be ok, I promise. Just keep calm and it will all work out."

The camaraderie between Rook, Ford and Spencer is fun and never dull. Each character has their flaw but equally redeeming quality as well.

"You're a nice looking guy, Ford. So is Spencer. I'm not sure one could actually choose between the three of you. You're all good catches. Equally desirable in different ways."

How true that statement is! I was so undecided as to who I wanted Rook to end up with..I think I still am. I am a little partial to a certain character who stole my heart in Manic. I always will be.

Spencer cracks-me-up! He can be sensitive and caring one minute and a goofy, typical male the next.

Spencer says through a mouth full of spaghetti "This school shit is boring the f--- out of me. Let's talk about bikes. Or tits!"

All I can say is, read it! You'll love it! They are books that you can read over and over and love like it's the first time.

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