Sunday, November 3, 2013

Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

Twisted  (Dark Protectors, #5.5)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Rebecca weaves a unique and thrilling world with her Dark Protector Series. Twisted was a short but very heated read telling the tale of Terrent and Maggie. The little(ish) secret(s) we learn are very unexpected but I was captivated with all the twists and turns.

Maggie was infected with the virus by the Kurjans 10 years ago. With the help of the Kayrs family, Maggie managed to escape the Werewolf effects but hadn't regained her memory loss. To keep her safe, she has been living and training with them but the time has come to go back to the wolves. Terrent needs help investigating who is contaminating the inoculation supply at wolf headquarters and Maggie is the perfect person to play detective. The medicine is their only protection against the virus and someone is sabotaging the shipments.

Maggie and Terrent met a few years back when he attempted to take her from the Kayrs compound to live with her own kind. Things hadn't gone as Terrent expected back then but he would do everything in his power to get his way this time. It was time for Maggie to learn the truth after all these years. One truth is unveiled and another is unleashed when a rival pack comes to claim Maggie resulting in a battle for headquarters and Maggie's heart.

Maggie must decide to stay and fight for what she wants or run and hide.

'His eyes morphed to wolf mode.
Oh crap.
He nodded "Okay, you want all of me?"
She gulped "Yes"
"Alright little wolf. I suggest you run."'

Explosive tension and heat between Terrent and Maggie with a nice little twist at the end. Loved it!

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