Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blue Ice by Carolina Soto

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Katherine - the closed-off, self-conscious leading female whose whole life revolves around her work, parents and weekend routine filled with T.V. and junkfood.
Dylan - the equally distant, overbearing leading male with piercing Blue Eyes, never dates and has become stalkishly infatuated with the Icy Ms. Bianchi.

Two worlds collide the night Kate and her best friend Michelle meet the handsome men at dinner while on a Girl's Shopping Spree Vacation to forget Chelle's latest breakup. Dylan can't take his eyes off of Katherine and while she is drawn to his dark good looks and blue eyes, she isn't about to let her guard down. Never trusting and self-conscious of her own appearance, she blows off his attention as a play to get her into bed and nothing more. When Dylan does make his move, he comes face to face with a brick wall and then pure, hot anger at his boldness.

"He probably wanted someone to spend the night with, and I was near. Maybe he was too tired to look for someone else so he decided to take what he thought was easy. I was just the flavor of the evening, and if he lived, as I supposed, in a Ben and Jerry's universe, I was just one of the many flavors."

As hard as Kate pushes him away, he just pushes that much harder to get close. The back and forth banter was entertaining, snarky and kept you guessing where it would lead. Dylan could be so cold and distant from the rest of the world but when it involved Kate, his emotions exploded and swirled around like a hurricane. He was determined to get Kate by whatever means, pushing past all of her boundaries, to the wall of ice in her chest. Kate just as stubbornly refused that Dylan meant anything to her, friends that sometimes sleep together was all she was capable of giving him.

Things heat up and get quite intense, just when you think they are making progress, BAM - Kate is pissed and they end up three steps back. She isn't used to the daily invasion in her life but most of all, she isn't used to feeling something for someone other than her parents or two best friends. I am really rooting for Dylan in this one. I just want to shake the stubbornness out of Kate! The end will throw your emotions in utter chaos and I have to read Book 2 to find out what happens next!

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