Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fragile Truths

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fragile Truths is certainly very different from what I expected. Yes, it leaned towards the darker aspect of romance but it was a very twisted journey that will keep you wanting more. The beginning is a little confusing until pieces of the story start to come together and make sense. But it still doesn't prepare you for the plot shifts along the way. It is a very unpredictable read which I love! I really liked Tate. He was the one lurking in the shadows, protecting Frankie from a distance. His complete surrender in his love for her is stunning. But he has a lot going on in his head that he needs to come to terms with before he can fully accept that love for what it is and allow it to be returned.

"The path my life had taken was not for her. My existence was not worthy of her, she was pure and almost angelic, and me, well I was the devil. 

As her blood was untainted, mine was sullied. Where her heart was whole, mine was shattered and blackened and her gentleness was as intense as my fury. 

I would sacrifice my soul for just one touch of her, one taste of her beauty and I would die a thousand times over if I could just once bring a smile to her beautiful face. 

She was the virtue.

I was the sin."

Frankie's character was strong and very determined in her goals. She had one thing on her mind and that was to bring down the monster who murdered her mother. She had prepared for this her whole life but nothing had readied her for the course it would actually take and the choices and sacrifices that would accompany it. But she had one person keeping her fears at bay in the darkness, the man who held part of her soul.

He remained quiet as he stared at me, his face now tight with emotion, "You are so beautiful," he whispered suddenly.

"And so are you."

He frowned then smirked, "Babe, please. I'm fine with hot, gorgeous, stunning, hell even handsome is ok but a man is never beautiful, we're too rugged for beautiful."

I smiled but hesitated as I swallowed back the nerves that were coiling in my stomach. "I wasn't talking about your looks."

His eyes filled with pain and he shook his head, "No, Frankie, no. I'm very...ugly inside."

The last third of the book was by far my favorite, keeping me on the edge of my seat GOOD. Watching Frankie deal with her demons and making the ultimate sacrifice was heartbreaking. The changing plot and player roles will definitely throw you for a loop! I would recommend this to readers who like the more intense, darker shades of romance but it is not for the squeamish. There is strong violence and torture but the love you find in that darkness will outshine and overcome the evil hiding within.

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