Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flying by Megan Hart *REVIEW*

Megan Hart

Flying was an intense and emotional story of a woman dealing with the harsh life she had been dealt through empty, meaningless weekend relationships. "Flying" was her escape from life and a chance to forget who she was, what her life had become since that night. Her struggles felt real and she was very easy to connect with. At first the concept of the double-life she was leading didn't really click. But as the story began to play out and pieces of the puzzle fell into place, her thoughts and actions began to make more sense. There is a lot going on in this one, a lot I think any middle aged mother or woman could identify with. I really wasn't expecting the story to grab my attention as much as it did. There were some very tough moments that choked me up a bit. 

When Stella meets Matthew the story really takes a turn. He challenges everything she has been fighting for years, he makes her feel something again. When her fight or flight kicks in, does she stay and see what could possibly be this strong drawing connection or does she run and treat him like the rest of her weekend "flights"? Honestly, my feelings towards Matthew were all over the place. He could be the perfect man one minute and an unbelievable prick the next. He wasn't outright mean, just didn't have much of a backbone or deserve Stella at times. He had a past he hadn't quite dealt with yet but he wasn't willing to open up or move forward either for Stella's sake. 

This was my first book by Megan and I enjoyed it. It had depth, grit and still managed to be wickedly hot.

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