Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preservation by Rachael Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say other than Rachael's writing has a way of wringing such strong emotions from me in every book I read. Her work is strong and beautifully portrayed even when touching the not so pretty or glamorous topics, her heart poured into every page. Preservation takes us on the journey of Kate's and Ryan's internal struggles, aspirations and mutual infatuation.

"This isn't a story about my coming of age or all the s*** I went through growing up. It's a love story about how I met Ryan. How he stole my running shoes and put reality into perspective for me. In the most infuriating, blindingly beautiful way possible, a way that only he could. And how I wrestled with his influence until the inevitable instilled me with a brand new kind of fear - regret."

Kate is finally pursuing her writing dream and attending college. Having put off school long enough to take care of her sick mother, it was time to make something of herself, even if it meant dodging eviction notices. She wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way. Certainly not a gorgeous, arrogant professor with an Ego Complex, who makes quick passive judgements on her without knowing her. Despite Mr Campbell's moody behavior, Kate is entranced by his caramel colored eyes and honey brown hair. She sees beneath his playboy reputation, sees something inherently good despite warnings from her two best friends, Carter & Dean.

Ryan is immediately drawn to the tardy, little distraction that is Kate. Burned, from what he thought beyond repair, Ryan had never felt so alive as he did when he was around Kate. He had spent so much time hiding behind meaningless flings, she was a breath of fresh air. But she was also a danger to the fragile wall he had built around his heart after having it completely shattered when Jamie betrayed him and he lost his publishing deal in the same day. Even though Ryan could be the epitome of frustration, he completely won me over!

To be honest, Carter and Dean won my heart the most. They both shared a love for Kate so strong they would protect her and support her no matter what. They were the goofy odd couple boys you couldn't help but laugh at or love. Whether it was singing Maria in the streets or having a spot of tea with the old chaps, they lived to make Kate smile. From beginning to end, I was wrapped up in the story. A solid first book in the series!

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