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Reservation by Rachael Wade

Reservation (Preservation, #2)Reservation by Rachael Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ryan's utterly smoking hot, heartbreaking and endearing - all rolled up in one! Ryan has a past he can't hide from now with his new celebrity status. It's wreaking havoc on his relationship with Kate and testing both of their strength in trust which has been a challenge since the beginning. In Preservation, we saw through Kate's eyes and got to delve into the depths of her mind but in Reservation, we get to submerge into the tumultuous consciousness of Ryan. Brilliant!

"This isn't a story about my track record for hurting Kate or a list of all the wrongs I can't undo. It's a love story about how Kate's love saved me. How her ability to penetrate the darkness surrounding me helped to illuminate the good I wasn't even sure I possessed. How old habits really do die hard, and when love and fear go head-to-head, love always wins when you let it. Every...Damn...Time"

Ryan was given a chance to redeem himself from the mess he made and he wasn't about to let anything or anyone take Kate away from him again. He had everything he ever wanted; the girl, a book deal and a movie contract. Kate is halfway around the world, fulfilling her obligation she jumped into on a whim when Ryan tore her world apart and soon the distance begins to wear and old insecurities encroach. Fate seems to be fighting him at every turn. My heart bled for this man...yes he could be absolutely infuriating, but the raw emotion from his POV makes you see him in a new light.

"The world and all of its distractions shriveled up, cracked, and flitted away into nothingness. The need for control, the bondage of my past, and any reservation I'd ever had drifted and dissipated, healed by the woman beneath me and the brave love she willingly laid at the altar - a love that stuck around, even when it had no reason to, other than it's blind, hopeful faith. It penetrated my darkness and exposed it for what it really was - fear, in all its self-destructive glory."

Another plus in this series is the strong cast of secondary characters. They are well developed and just as important to the plot as Kate and Ryan. I felt just as connected with Dean and Carter and the shenanigans they got in to. Another great solid by Rachael!

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