Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ruin by CD Reiss - REVIEW

Ruin...I am more in love with Capo than before. That man can ruin me any time he wants. Holy f**k balls! Raw, dirty and surprisingly touching in a murderous way. I was so on edge with this one. The plot will grip you in its claws up to the very end. Who will live, who will was torture!  

Theresa and Antonio are in the fight of their lives...Antonio wants to make a break from the business but it doesn't come without risk. He doesn't know of any other way to protect Theresa...who doesn't want his protection and doesn't realize the gravity of their situation until the bullets are zinging past her. She has been the prim and proper lady for so long, this new sensual side of her that craves the animal in the Capo makes her resent him. But she can't deny her feelings for him are real or genuine any more than his. They are caught in each other's trap.

“I’m already going to hell. Grazie.” I pushed him away, and he grabbed my jaw, holding me still while he put his nose next to mine and spoke into my mouth. “You’re a loaded gun. Do you see that? You’re from a different world, but you smell like home to me. I haven’t been to Napoli in ten years, but whenever you’re near me, I smell olive flowers. My heart gets sick with thirst, but the water is poison.”


“I’m drowning, Contessa.”

CD throws a few curves into the story, forcing Antonio and Theresa to make a desperate last ditch choice to live the rest of their days together...but more walls are put in their path...death doesn't come easy.

Ruin was a fast paced, hot read. A definite hit on my list!

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