Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Salvation of Daniel

After Mae, I was devastated, my heart a torn bloody mess.  That book didn't leave one part of my soul untouched.  I'll admit, I was terrified to read The Salvation of Daniel but I just couldn't stop myself.  I had to know where the story was going to lead...I knew with DH, it would be down some dark, twisted path but I was going to take that journey no matter the cost.  

Daniel's Salvation is about the cost of choices and how high a price we are willing to pay.  There are some curves thrown in here, so be ready to catch.  I don't want to give anything away.  This is another where the unknown is part of the draw and you don't want to read the spoilers.  What I can tell you is you will see a completely different Daniel...his demons will make brief appearances but he is working towards his salvation for his dark past.  But he isn't working alone.  There is another power-player with high stakes in the game.  

Connie's roll in this book totally threw me, actually the whole plot did.  I had no idea how deep the business actually went.  Who is against who, who is good, who is don't really know because so many lines are crossed and the shades are truly grey.  I will tell you it's a nail-biter.  I thought I would be guts would remain intact unlike The Decimation of Mae...but don't let your guard down.  

"I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to do this again. History had the nasty habit of biting you on the arse. Well for me, I had a feeling history would more than bite; it would slaughter."

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